Mustique Island

Online positioning, photography, website design and development

The island of Mustique is an elegant oasis where simplicity meets luxury. Layout design and content draw upon these values in an unpretentious and simple way. The bespoke, intuitive Admin Tool has been integrated with front-end design, allowing The Mustique Company to edit villa details easily. A classic contemporary style and format was developed to fit the page layout whilst usability, navigation and search functions have been pared down, encouraging users to explore freely. Newly added Enquire Now and Send to Friend forms are effective lead generators.


Online positioning, website design and development

Lovair is a global company with over 20 years experience in supplying the construction industry with unique washroom fittings. HED helped the brand to feel design aware and appeal to architects with a view to becoming the number one specified supplier of washroom fittings. Clear information hierarchy, product page layout and download functionality help users peruse the product catalogue and access necessary technical details.

Paul Fyer

Website design and development

Working closely with artist Paul Fryer we translated his irreverent, mystical and highly inventive art practice to a website that looks and works in a unique way, befitting of his amazing . Custom PHP code changes the sequence and size of thumbnail images on each year pages, slideshows snap to fit full browser width and/ or height. We love this website!

British Standard Cupboards

Magento e-commerce development

Handmade kitchen cupboards from the workshop of Plain English at a reduced price - the customer measures, designs, collects and fits. Exact typesetting and layout help present the product beautifully to acheive a unique, highly usable on-brand presence. We installed and configured Magento to provide a comprehensive eshop platform that British Standard use to easily manage orders and customer details.

Plain English

Website design and development

Working closely with Studio Frith, we created a site with handmade sensibility and typographical coherence with the company brochure. Layout and functionality reflect the clean lines and artisanal values of fine joinery and bespoke kitchen design. An extensive SEO server-side campaign was executed, tagging images and including page titles and description meta tags that serve to optimize page ranking in search results. We launched to improve CRM and SEO.

Carolina Bucci

Website design and development

High-fashion, creative and feminine. A simple product viewing site that works well on all screen sizes and doesn't usurp the content. Custom Admin and SEO compliance allows Carolina Bucci to maintain a highly relevant and brand coherent web presence.

Sebastian Conran Associates

Website design and development

Award winning product design studio Sebastian Conran Associates needed a simple portfolio site to present their work clearly. HED worked closely with SCA to produce a clean and functional site whilst optimising SEO compliance. The custom Admin has been developed to fit the frontend providing versatile editing facilities with no extraneous functionality, helping the site convey SCA's beautiful and highly functional product design language.

Deliciously Ella

Identity, WordPress design and development

Ella's amazing recipes are not only innovative and delicious but nutrious, healthy and healing. The new site structure is relatively simple allowing readers to find meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten free recipes by ingredient or recipe index. Slideshows of great food photography inspire and illustrate.

Gurr Johns

Online positioning, design and development

Gurr Johns’ online presence reflects it's prominence in the art market, a trusted valuer and established fine art consultancy with nearly 100 years experience. We've let the art speak for itself, reducing identity, line and device to a minimum. The visual experience varies as a random sequence of images appear throughout the site. The Admin allows Gurr Johns to edit and update content themselves whilst custom site structure allows HED to implement ongoing development.

Menlo Park Music

Identity, website design and development

Award winning sound design and composition for advertising campaigns, television and film. Menlo Park use the custom made Admin to upload content and embed movies and audio hosted on Vimeo and SoundCloud. This highly entertaining site allows prospective clients and ad agencies to peruse their archive easily and quickly.

Art Tours

Website design and development

Culturally diverse and erudite, Art Tours put together holidays involving access to rare artworks and unique experiences, supported by knowledge and learning. This dynamic site makes full use of excellent photography and eleoquent text, custom fonts and an adaptive layout design help position their offering clearly.

Hall London

Website design and development

Hall London specialises in the representation, negotiation and management of individuals within the world of fashion, design, art and cuisine. The website admin allows them to make regular updates to client content and news. Staff set-up sections for new talent and assign content categories as required, this content rich site also has cool fashion films and animations that play instantly.

Adam Richards Architects

Website design and development

Coherent and poetic, their work is varied and diverse, from houses and furniture to follies and complex public buildings. Adam Richards Architects is an award winning practice that designs buildings that relate to the times we're living in. Their contemporary design language and use of materials feels slightly old-world so we worked closely with them to build a website based on a book - we feel this positions them perfectly, communicating a more tactile approach.

Villa Vercenni

Identity, website design and development

Full-browser photographic slideshows give clients a charming and concise view of the location and accommodation. A design decision to pare down the website and reduce text shifted the focus to the beauty of the properties. A detailed PDF document with property and local information can be downloaded for reading on mobile or printing. A social media campaign was also deployed to encourage wedding and event bookings.

Petersham Properties

Usability, website design and development

The online positioning and marketing of the villa rental start-up reflects a bespoke and personal service. Functionality and structure were kept as simple and accessible as possible to ensure unhindered access to content. The custom-built Admin Tool allows Petersham Properties to create engaging category titles whilst including further SEO compliant links in the page footer. We built an easy to use booking enquiry form allowing users to select available days, a functionality that can also be managed by house owners.

Arnold & Henderson

Website design and development

Caterer and canteen to the art world, the client’s food concept is seasonal and elegantly simple. The website identity and aesthetic was positioned to reflect their focus on clean and honest food presentation. Proof of its usability, the site has remained unchanged for four years and continues to collect subscribers who read the daily lunch menu. The Admin allows the client to manage subscribers, send HTML emails and update menus and images regularly. This is one of our most successful sites, both for its intuitive simplicity and measurable commercial benefits to the client year on year.